What is the OCR?

The Order of Christ the King was established at Leeds, England on the Feast of Christ the King in 1900. The unwritten motto of the Order came to be the Pauline directive, “be in the world, but not of it.” Our founders sought to strengthen their daily lives through a common discipline of devotion and study thereby encouraging the faithful to participate more fully in the sacramental and liturgical life of the Church.

The initials which follow the names of those who are professed members of the Order stand for the name of the Order as it appears when written in Latin: “Ordo Christus Rex” which is literally translated as the Order of Christ the King. The Rule of the Order never provided for a monastery or mother house for her members. Nor has there been any connection, official or otherwise, with any of the various established religious societies within any of the great historic Catholic Communions. In this respect the Rexists remain a unique century old singular witness to the great diversity which exists within the religious life of the Holy Catholic Church. The chief source of unity which exits among our members is our unceasing mission to promote devotion to Christ our Lord and King, while devoting our entire being to a life of unconditional service to His Bride the Church.

All professed members of the Order undergo a rigorous period of self-examination prior to acceptance into the Order. All professions must be made in a public liturgical setting and authorized by the Superior General or his duly appointed representative. Ordained clerics, candidates for Holy Orders and laity of both genders are eligible to become members of the “Ordo”. Only males in Holy Orders may apply for membership in the O.C.R.

The Order is open to females who have been "set aside" to serve as Lay Deaconess's.

We invite you to explore the opportunity to serve with us. Please email, call or write for further information on becoming a part of this century old Traditional Anglican Religious Institute.

The Rexist Way

1. DEVOTION TO CHRIST THE KING: Members of the Order of Christ the King are devoted to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

2. SERVICE: A member of the Order of Christ the King is a servant to all who are in need; striving to always be of assistance, as the Lord enables him or her.

3. DISCIPLINE: Members of the Order of Christ the King must walk in Godly discipline, not forsaking their duties.

4. FELLOWSHIP: Members of the Order of Christ the King are united in the love of Christ. Though physical distance may separate members one from another, the spiritual life increases the bond of fellowship.

5. REGULAR WORSHIP: Members of the Order of Christ the King shall, as they are able, regularly attend worship services, the Sacraments, and be faithful in prayer.

6. HOSPITALITY: Members of the Order of Christ the King endeavor to always be hospitable, showing kindness and generosity to strangers and acquaintances alike.

7. CHARITY: Godly love shall ever be the mark of a Christian; love for God and love for our fellow human beings shall be the daily striving of all Rexists.

8. SPRITUAL LIFE: The Rexist Brother or Sister is concerned with the spiritual lives not only of the community around us, but of the Church at large. Members of the Order are to attend Christian worship services regularly, and are encouraged to observe Morning and Evening Prayer, as well as other spiritual devotions.

9. COMMUNITY WORK: Members of the Order of Christ the King are encouraged to perform acts of mercy, and to be of benefit to the local community and the Church at large.


A deep desire to grow in love for God and his creation through consecration to Christ our Redeemer and King.

Strong interest in promoting Christian values in today’s society. Moral, emotional, and psychological maturity.

A self-supporting profession or occupation.

Freedom to live the Rexist Way of Life (attendance at the basic OCR gatherings).

Good health and at least 18 years of age: applicants will be considered through senior years.

Rexists do not live in community together but share a fraternal and supernatural bond with their Brothers and Sisters in the Order. They encourage and support one another in living their commitment to the Gospel way of life-forming a Christian community of ideals, work and prayer. When Rexists live in the same geographical area, they come together at least weekly for a day of fellowship. Rexists not living in proximity with other Order members make their day of fellowship with like-minded Christians whenever possible.

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