The Anglican Independent Communion - Original Province also known as the Anglican Independent Communion in the Americas is rooted in the faith and practice of “MATER ORTHODOXA ECCLESIA ANGLICANA” as expressed by the rich heritage of our Church of England Traditions. We look to the early Ecumenical Councils of the Church for guidance and direction on matters of faith, morality and Church discipline. We strive in our daily living and according to our several callings to incorporate into our lives this ever-abiding living expression of our Anglican spirituality and ethos.

The Saints, Divines of the sixteenth century and Fathers of the Oxford Movement had at the center of their lives simplicity, authenticity and holiness. IT WAS THE SANCTITY AND DISCIPLINE employed by the British Church which resulted in her ability for most of her glorious history to keep herself free of powerful political and foreign institutions which came to be one of her greatest strengths. It enabled her to form her life, witness and liturgical expression by and for the “common folk”. This simple lifestyle meant our Mother Church of England had no difficulty in communicating her message of “hope in Christ” to all who sought solace within her open arms. Her approach to evangelizing was gentle, humble and altogether more sensitive to the “unchurched” as opposed to the methodology used in other national churches. Historically and philosophically the cultural differences between “MATER ORTHODOXA ECCLESIA ANGLICANA” (literally translated as Mother Orthodox Church of England) and the Roman Church can be explained this way: British monks lived in conspicuous poverty; Roman monks lived in luxury. British bishops practiced humility. Roman bishops referred to themselves as “princes”. British bishops strove to
be in the world yet not of it”; Roman bishops were noted for pompous behavior and extravagant lifestyles. British bishops were pastors of their parochial charges; Roman bishops were lord - monarchs of their dioceses. The British cleric lead a life of example, which spoke loudly, “Do as I do and walk along with me”; the Roman clergy often times in lifestyle gave the message, “Do as I say and obey me or else”.

Our Church of England roots point us in the Original Province to a life of service to others and holiness expressed in the simplicity and beauty of the Gospel. It also gives rise for the Church to challenge her members “to walk worthy of their calling”. In the ancient history of “MATER ORTHODOXA ECCLESIA ANGLICANA”, there were two expressions of the Christian faith: one that was hopelessly linked to the values of an empire in the midst of chaos and decay and the other committed to live out the Gospel message of Love without counting the personal cost to do so. It is this unfortunate case of “history repeating itself” which has caused the Original Province to reclaim for “MATER ORTHODOXA ECCLESIA ANGLICANA” the latter and to rise up together in a united voice with “a loud cry” against the former. In this regard we stand with St. John the Baptist as “the voice crying out” in this modern era wilderness.

The devotion and high regard the Church of England held for the Sacred Scriptures has never been challenged by even her harshest critics and detractors. It was the Holy Bible in its entirety along with the living expression of her Sacramental life, which allowed the British Church to maintain her witness and fidelity to ORTHODOX FAITH AND PRACTICE. Our Sarum heritage bears strong witness to the equality placed upon WORD AND SACRAMENT and is a living testimony to what can happen (as in the Roman and Non-Conformist communions) when one is sacrificed in deference to the other. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us”. There is no plainer passage of SCRIPTURE which makes this point any clearer. In the Original Province it is “‘THE WORD” EXPRESSED IN BIBLICAL PREACHING AND MADE PRESENT “AMONG US” IN THE HOLY EUCHARIST WHICH UNITES US WITH THOSE BISHOPS FROM OUR MOTHER CHURCH OF ENGLAND WHO WERE PRESENT AT THE COUNCIL OF ARLES IN 314 A.D.

It was this deep reverence for the Sacred Scriptures and the Holy Eucharist which kept “MATER ECCLESIA ANGLICANA” free of heresy and the extremes of liturgical innovation. Our Clergy make this a part of our daily devotional life and renew this COVENANT WITH THE ALMIGHTY in public liturgical celebrations as well. This resolve is passed on to our laity, as well as the expectation and responsibility which follows along with it.

The Anglican Independent Communion - Original Province is a true theological, historical, liturgical expression and living testimony of the Historic Church of England. We have no desire as others to be “continuing” anything. We are simply “MAINTAINING” the faith once and for all given” with “NO CONTROVERSY OR COMPROMISE”. In our daily walk with Christ we can be said to be “continuing” to live out the Gospel of Peace and share this gift with all those who the Almighty brings before us. THE CLERGY AND FAITHFUL OF OUR COMMUNION UNDERSTAND “MAINTAINING” AS THE TASK AND OBLIGATION OF THE CHURCH TO EXTEND THE KINGDOM AT EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL. “CONTINUING” AS FAITHFUL MEMBERS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST IN OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY TRINITY!

Here we stand fully united and bearing witness as one in full conformity with the faith handed down to us from the Apostles. A daughter of MATER ECCLESIA ANGLICANA in full union and concord with THE HOLY ORTHODOX CHURCH. We have, by the grace of our Savior-God retained our beautiful Anglican Liturgy and Ethos and are at one with the historic HOLY ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH prior to the intrigues of 1054. "UNA VOCA; UNA ECCLESIA". AMEN. AMEN. AMEN.

May these words be a Blessing to you and a greater insight into the mission of the Original Province. If anything you read occasions further questions or interest, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or the postal service. We invite you to join one of our worshipping communities and “PRAY FOR THE WHOLE STATE OF CHRIST’S CHURCH” as a part of us!


++Josephus Johannes Palumbo, OCR, D.Min., D.Rel.
Archbishop - Metropolitan

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